AM101/S*1747* - Sebring 3.5 Series 1 - 1963

This Maserati Sebring was ordered according to the present certificate on 26 April 1963 and delivered relatively quickly, on 17 July, to the Garage Indipendenza branch in Florence. The first owner was a certain Eda Cosetta Michelagnoli in Prato, Tuscany.

The Maserati later came to Germany, where it was extensively restored around 2005. All work was documented with photos and the quality still speaks for itself today. No effort or material was spared here, as the bodywork and the interior show impressively.

Next the Sebring moved to Austria to be brought in. He sent the Maserati to be improved once again. Over the last few years, he has invested a total of 60,000 Euros in the mechanics to ensure that his jewel will reliably give pleasure on every occasion. The core piece was a new, original gearbox, but neither the engine, nor the chassis, brakes or carburettor were left out. The carburettor replaces the tiresome Lucas injection, which is not unusual, because generations of mechanics have driven the injection to the edge of madness. Apart from impeccable function, the great Weber also guarantee an appropriate sound and rich performance.

So this Sebring, as it stands before us today, also lives up to what it should be when driving. A boundless exciting and fascinating piece of Italian sports car art!