AM101/S*909* - Sebring 3.5 Series 1 - 1964

2011 - Australia, Melbourne -


The Sebring on offer here is a Series 1 car that was upgraded with a larger displacement Series 2 engine at some point in the late 1960s, something not uncommon due to some inherent flaws with these early cars. Documents on file indicate the Sebring was sold from Victoria to West Australia in 1988. Receipts accompanying the car confirm it has had over $40,000 spent on work including a full engine rebuild, the suspension and brakes have been rebuilt, the gearbox and differential reconditioned and the radiator redone. The Maserati was also rewired during the restoration process. The current owner, an Italian car enthusiast and collector, has additionally spent in excess of $20,000 in recent years generally improving the condition of the car and has converted the Sebring back to the factory original left-hand drive due to the inherently compromised driving position of the previous conversion - he reports the car is both more comfortable and drivable as a result. Finished in the classic Italian colours of red with tan leather upholstery, this rare Maserati is a fine example of the classic Sebring Gran Turismo.