AM109*474* - Mistral 3.7 - 1966

2011 -


Ciao Maseratisti,

I came across this interesting restoration project on

A 1966 Maserati Mistral Coupe #AM109474 in need of some tender loving care and attention.

As one of the most sought-after models, this Maserati once restored to her former glory, would be a real head-turner !!

Mistral Coupe photos courtesy of Paul.

Mistral_AM109-474-11 Mistral_AM109-474-13 - kopie Mistral_AM109-474-12 Mistral_AM109-474-23 - kopie Mistral_AM109-474-13 Mistral_AM109-474-10 Mistral_AM109-474-09 Mistral_AM109-474-06 Mistral_AM109-474-05 Mistral_AM109-474-03 Mistral_AM109-474-04 Mistral_AM109-474-02 Mistral_AM109-474-23 Mistral_AM109-474-22 Mistral_AM109-474-21 Mistral_AM109-474-19 Mistral_AM109-474-20 Mistral_AM109-474-18 Mistral_AM109-474-17 Mistral_AM109-474-16 Mistral_AM109-474-15 Mistral_AM109-474-14 - kopie Mistral_AM109-474-11 - kopie Mistral_AM109-474-14 Mistral_AM109-474-12 - kopie