AM109/A1*1732* - Mistral 4.0 - 1968


Suinday, 18th March 2012 at 2:30pm
5 rue Royale
77300 Fontainebleau

Chassis No: AM109/A11732

Colour: Blue

Interior: Beige leather

The copy of the sale is a rare 4.0-liter coupe. Of the 828 cut Mistral, only 298 cars were the 255 hp engine. The upholstery Mistral is our original black leather. She is very well preserved. The car was never restored. The paint has been redone, four years ago on a sound basis without blistering and corrosion. As the owner, “it was only to remove scratches and dents due to time.” He adds “the original engine works well but requires a revision-control including carburation, not made recently.” The car traveled about 15000 km in 15 years, mostly while out club. A manual and an original copy of the catalog of spare parts with the car.

Our Mistral is a 1968 model with yellow headlights. His general condition is very friendly. The dashboard is very complete and typical of the late '60s. The counter indicates a distance of 45400 km. Behind the beautiful flying, you feel good. We really want to go further with this mount of choice.

The Maserati Mistral is often considered the most beautiful of all Maserati road and has been for a long time. Its production was discontinued in 1970. It was the latest to offer the six-cylinder Maserati engine that originated in the 250F, the car world champion in 1957.
A few years ago, I had the chance to eat lunch with Edmund and Ubaldo Sgarzi Ciclet Italy. Ubaldo was the commercial director of Lamborghini in its infancy and for very long. He told me his Turin Salon 63. It was at this show that the prototype Lamborghini is presented for the first time. And the only cars on display that made him fear commercially Mistral was magnificent! She is really beautiful this car! "These are his words, except that they were Italian.

Estimate: GB £41,745 - £50,094 GBP

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Additional information added on May 31st.

"The car was sold new to the US & was imported to Europe in the late '70s (hence the yellow front lights), where it stayed for 30 years in the south of France, being sparsely used.
After a major mechanical service, it has 65 000 km now, including a thorough engine inspection & complete restoration of the front & back axle/brakes/suspensions, etc. The Bodywork & Interior have been left untouched.
It is Maserati Classische registered as a matching number engine with a matching colour/interior.

The car has been across Europe at several rallies & was enjoyed as the wedding car by the owner and his spouse in 2014. "

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