AM116/49*2090* - Maserati Indy 4900 - 1973 / 74

Built December 1973 and delivered in December 1974 to Turin, this Indy was originally finished in Blue Ischia over senape 1775 hide. Now finished in Blu luci di mezzanotte (I think) over yellow! Residing in the UK

Another lovely 4.9. The rarest and the best as I often say. Don’;t know your first name and can’t see you on the Club register. You should join!

My car is in Blue Sera - no dissimilar with black interior. Just repainted and pretty much on the button.

John Bennett AM116/49*1934

Thanks John. I am a member of the UK Club so don’t know why I’m not on the register? My car is ex Drummond Bone.

Fabio Collina, head of the Maserati Archive explains the B in the chassis number:
The letter “B” was not stamped on the car.
I suppose it was used internally at the Company in order to identify the MY version of the Indy model.

Thank you. When you say “MY” - what do these initials stand for?

Thank you!

The abbreviation MY refers to the words = Model Year

Sorry I don’t know your first name. I think you must have opted out of appearing on the Club Register on the website. Not an issue.
I know the car very well as Drummond and I went on the Irish Rally together and as he had to fly home for a meeting I had the pleasure of driving the car on the last day and then back to McGraths. Hope to catch up with you sometime.

Hi John. Its a small world! Will investigate register issue. Thank you - hope to meet you also. Craig

I was confused and thought you were another Craig in the Club. Have we met? I live just outside North Berwick. And hear you have two Indys. John

Hi John - no, I don’t think so? I am down in London. I did have two Indy’s - but sold the earlier 4200 red one very shortly after I bought the 4900.