Overview of registries for other classic Maseratis

You will find several Maserati registries available online. They allow for research and verification of the information on your (future) classic Maserati GT’s.
This list is an overview of the publicly available and actively maintained registries on the internet. If you want to add info to this list, please contact us at info@classichemasters.com.

3500 GT and GTI Touring: http://www.am101.org/

3500 Spyder: There is no public and actively maintained register available.

Mistral Coupé: https://join.classichemasters.com/c/mistral-registry/

Mistral Spyder: https://join.classichemasters.com/c/Mistral-Spyder-Registry/

Sebring series 1 and 2: https://join.classichemasters.com/c/sebring-registry/

Mexico: http://www.mexico-registry.com/

Ghibli: https://www.ghibli-registry.com/

Ghibli Spyder: https://www.ghibli-registry.com/

Indy: https://join.classichemasters.com/c/Indy-Registry/

Khamsin: http://maseratikhamsinregistry.net/

Bora: https://join.classichemasters.com/c/Bora-Registry/

Merak: https://www.merak-registry.com/

Quattroporte: http://www.tipo107.com/

Quattroporte 2: https://join.classichemasters.com/c/Quattroporte-2-Registry/

Quattroporte 3: https://join.classichemasters.com/c/Quattroporte-3-Registry/

Kyalami: https://join.classichemasters.com/c/Kyalamin-Registry/

5000 GT: Work is in progress on this register. Website will be available at maserati5000gtresearch.com.

The register of Maseratis that French importer Thepenier sold over the years: http://www.thepenier-maserati-register.com/