AM101/S*507* - Sebring 3.5 Series 1 - 1962 (turned into A6GCS replica by Giovanni Giordanengo)

Aluminum Coachwork build by the legendary Giovanni Giordanengo, best known for his world class 250 TR and GTO evocations, this stunning A6GCS was built in Italy by him in 1989/1990. Giordanengo has become a household name in his own right. The Giordanengo body is now carefully mated to a matching numbers 1962 Maserati Sebring series 1, the chassis was shortened and the rear axel made narrower to the dimensions of the A6GCS spider body. Transmission is from a good ZF 5 speed box (55-18/3) and the engine and transmission have been moved back 40 cm in the chassis. The engine was rebuilt by Randy Randazzo in the 70s and 80s but will now require recommissioning.

Fitted with Borrani wire wheels, the rev counter instrument is Jaeger (maybe late A6G or early 3500 GT). Also 2 small instruments for oil and water (like later Sebrings), 3 switches from that era (like 3500 GT), a press button to start and a dash light (like 3500 GT). Head lamps are Carello. There are further parts present, a new water pump and inlet manifold, 3 Weber 40 DCOE carburettors, a radiator, a fuel tank with separate fuel cap (one-click racing style), 2 seat bodys (polyester), alternator, 2 ignition coils, hand brake handle for under-dash mount.

Car will be sold with a Bill of Sale and import documents from USA into Europe (Holland) and a Maserati Classiche, giving details about how it was produced new as a Series 1 Sebring.