AM109/A1*1710* - Mistral 4.0 -?

2010 -


This Maserati Mistral is suitable for a restoration project or a supply of spare parts. Chassis No AM109/A11710 and engine number AM109/A1912. Odometer reads 56,414 miles.

The aluminium body work is in very good condition and comes complete with all stainless steel/chrome trim and glass. This later model car was one of the few fitted with Campagnolo alloy “Starburst” wheels. The transmission unit turns freely. Comes with Hellebore steering wheel and moon roof.

Parts have been taken for other projects, notably the diff, drive shaft, front and rear wheel hubs and all brake components. Missing from the motor is the Lucas fuel injection system, alternator, starter motor, distributor and other bits and pieces.