AM109/A1*522* - Mistral 4.0 - 1966

Originally delivered in white with a blue interior, RHD and a 4 liter engine.
Not much history is known, it was used as a parts car for another Mistral and I bought it in the UK in march 2019 from an elder gentleman with all remaining parts that were not needed for this other Mistral.

It was a quite incomplete project, missing a.o. engine, gearbox, glass, bonnet, etc.
The tunnel with the car has a hole in the center for the gearstick, therefore I think it had a ZF S5-20 gearbox originally.

I started finding missing parts to include, I guess it is 90-95% complete now (August 2020). I already added glass (except frontscreen, but that will not be too difficult), an S5-20 gearbox, a bonnet, an engine (not yet fully complete) and a dashboard and steering column to be able to convert it to LHD if I would like that.
I keep track of still missing parts on my homepage: Missing parts on 109/A1522, so anyone having parts, please let me know.

I’ll continue to complete it and then somewhere in the future I hope starting to restore it.