AM129*0156* - Maserati Kyalami 4.2 - 1979

This Maserati Kyalami was built on from 06/04/1979

From the current owner:
I bought the car in 2015. It was stored for a very long time. Probably since 1987, based on the info on the French “carte grise”.
The 2nd or 3rd owner was a woman who owned it from 1980 or 1982. She had a mechanical problem with the car, a valve broken, and fortunately and curiously no other damage on the engine, piston and cylinder head !!

The car is in original condition, colour is dark blue, with beige interior (“fresh butter” is how we call it in France!), but it requires complete restoration. Some small rust outside, the interior has to be refreshed, and of course, everything mechanical has to be done.

The owner knows Kyalamis as he used to have a Kyalami 4.9L (that was at the end of the 90s). The first owner of that car was again a woman. The car had little km, only rust on a rocker panel, a perfect vehicle with impressive acceleration !! Brings back great memories.

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