AM330/49*5346* - Maserati QP III - 1985 'Bumping the Street'

When I drive over a small bump or a small pothole/ridge, the chassis hits the road surface hard. The shock absorbers and springs at the front seem to be good, as well as the various rubbers of the wheel suspension. The car is neatly horizontal and does not bounce. It drives fantastic on the road / highway.
Is this a known issue with the QP III? If so, what can be done about it?

For more details about the car see:

Hello Wim,

Even though you say that shock absorbers are ok, we ask you to check these first because there’s too much travel. Either the shocks have more travel than necessary, or the springs are too soft. Perhaps some Jaguar parts were used in the past. Another member had the wrong Jaguar parts on his Kyalami when he bought that. So he updated the car from Quattroporte 3 parts he had.

Hello sir,
thanks for your advice. I will have the shock absorbers checked for proper functioning. I’ll let you know what the final result and/or solution is.
Yours sincerely,

Hello ‘leader’,
According to your advice I replaced the schocks and springs. The car isn’t “bumping the street” anymore!
Many thans!!!
Kind regards,
Wim Hilberdink

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