Q&A: Where to find a wiring diagram for a Maserati Indy?

Hi, where can I obtain a wiring diagram for my 4700 cc Indy which is suffering from electrical gremlins. Thanks Gordon

Hello Gordon,

we’ve been looking for an answer. Perhaps this info from Maserati expert Ivan Ruiz is of help to you.

The Indy owner’s manual has a wiring diagram.

And you should also get the Ghibli diagram that was created by a club member years ago. There is enough commonality between the Ghibli and the Indy to make it worthwhile. This is available from MIE.


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The UK Maserati Club has the diagram under resources and then Swinging 60’s. Send me an email and I’ll try and copy it back to you.


John Bennett

Indy_4900_Wiring_Diagram_and_Codes_low_res.pdf (2.1 MB) Indy_4200_4700_Wiring_Diagram_and_Codes_low_res.pdf (2.0 MB)

Hello Gordon, please find two PDF files with these Wiring diagrams for the Indy. Please select the second PDF for your car.

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Thank you everyone for your help. I apologize for my much delayed response. Gordon