AM101/S*2105* - Sebring 3.5 Series 1 - 1963

Confirmed by Maserati as one of only four Sebrings completed with carburettor induction, his 3.5-litre ‘Series I’ was first registered in Sweden and submitted for the Swedish TüV in Gothenburg. The first recorded registration is from the Varmland region, indicating that the first owner was in Karlstad, ‘S18573’ being his number plate. In order, its first three owners were: Rune Jonsson, Lars Johansson, and Tom Andersson. The Maserati was then registered to the dealership AR-Bil AB Linnegatan, Stockholm, which kept the car for five years, indicating that it was used as the owner’s personal transport rather than retained for stock. It was then sold to an industrialist resident in Stockholm, Benkt Skarne, who owned the Maserati until 2015 when he sold it due to illness. Sold through a dealer in Danderyd, Stockholm, the Sebring was next owned by Michael Bile in Stockholm, followed by the current vendor in Germany.

The Sebring was partially restored in 2015, being repainted and re-trimmed in its original colours, while the engine was partially overhauled. Finished in Grigio Flemington with red leather interior, this beautiful and rare Maserati coupé is sold with a Maserati Certificate of Origin, and Swedish registration papers.